Melbourne Coach & Connect – Marketing with Kyle Birkett

"You have 48hrs to make it happen, anything worth writing down is worth actioning" Kyle Birkett

So what does marketing mean?

- Attracting the right client
- Sales
- Branding

Is it an expense or investment ?

It should be the biggest investment you make and if you aren't getting a return then you must be doing something wrong. Harsh but true.

Affiliate...referral...networking...partnership...advertising...there are loads of avenues you can take.

Trouble is most business owners don't set a goal for their marketing so it makes it difficult to measure their level of success.

It could be that most feel marketing is too ...difficult, too time consuming, too complicated, too personal or not personal enough.

It's important to know who you are or at least who you want your audience to know you as! Be consistent as a business owner and as a marketeer.

Then you need to get clear on who you want your audience to be. The marketing industry calls your ideal client an avatar.

Do you know who your ideal client is?

What they look like?

What they really  want?

What about how you should best connect with your avatar?

Should it be over email or Facebook?

Do you need to tweet every day or should I have linked in account?

These are just a few of the topics covered at Victoria's coach and connect in the marketing 101 session called Marketing...get it right.

Our guest speaker Kyle Birkett covered the basics for new business owners along with how some of the business giants market successfully.

Basically do what's in your control...

Then start with the unpredictable
Learn everything you can
Read, model and apply!

Every month we cover cool topics from how to be a better coach to building a successful business.

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