Meta Dynamics™ Level I Melbourne: March 2020

“As a coach within my first 9 months at The Coaching Institute, this training has given me – or phenomenally increased – my confidence to dive into actual coaching sessions. The tool I’ve touched on in this [training] are completely new to me and have been taught in away that included practical experiences that empowered me to know I can do them and use them, and get better at them.”
- Aleesha Keti

Meta DynamicsTM Level I is the world's leading proven, research-based methodology. This training is a week-long program to gain accreditation as a practitioner, designed for our students to learn how to live life on their own terms while coaching as a profession. With Meta DynamicsTM Level I, you will heal the past, overcome any present blocks and create your own ideal future.

A massive congratulations, and an even bigger "Thank you!", goes out to all of our students who decided to take part in the training last week at The Coaching Institute! I trust  Meta DynamicsTM Level I has helped you to significantly change your life and improve your coaching.

Here are some of the testimonies from our students:

“This particular Meta Dynamics™ I training has been absolutely phenomenal for me. For someone coming out of years of agoraphobia, this has been undoubtedly vital for me. I have come out of my shell so much. I contribute also with Matt Lavars, his unique styling, his presence & wit, just made this whole experience so instrumental in my self-awareness – trust and deepened my deepened my desire.”

- Kylee Williams

“It brings to life the techniques and modalities with great detail – experiencing the changes, shifts in people’s subconscious reaffirms why I want to do coaching. There are so many ways the skills and programs can be used. The Coaching Institute understands coaching heals the student first, and they support personal growth and building a business with sincere passion.”

- Amanda Bennallack

“I love the passion, professionalism, the move towards evidence-base. I love the fact [that] we can learn when we want with all the modalities. I love the support, encouragement and structure.”

- Charmaine Gallagher

“Always nuggets of wisdom to be discovered. I love the relationships with participants and coaches. [The Coaching Institute is] always invested in students’ learning. If you are ready to explore a new way of thinking that promotes positive actions, which could result in a new future where you have control over your destiny then you are going to be WOWED by the presenters and the Ninja event management team.”

- Mary van Lambaart

“I loved that the training simplified the material to make it more relatable, and the exercises improved my confidence. Great facility, great staff and welcoming atmosphere. Australia is a long way from Canada, but the difference between The Coaching Institute and other coaching institutes is worth it! It is life changing!”

- Barry O’Donnell

“I love the humour that [trainer] Matt Lavars bring to the [training] as well as the visualisations, dyads, ‘homecoming’ exercise. Alongside the opportunity to see all the incredible interventions and coaching demonstrations.”

- Sophia Barros

“You will learn a lot about yourself and the power of the brain, and some great ways to understand how to update strategies; disrupt old patterns and beliefs; and see and communicate more clearly.”

- Lauren Burns

“The journey is worth it. The fear is only for growth. I love the simplicity of the training and the support of our dreams, [to] always become the best version of ourselves and achieve success.”

- Shae Kyrani

“I love the coaching; content; experience; enthusiasm; and the range of topics covered. Matt is an experienced facilitator and did a great job in making the content relatable and easily understandable, [as well as being] immediately implemented.”

- Fiona Pace-Atienza

“[The Coaching Institute] is not just a coaching school, it’s a whole community of like-minded people who are there for you throughout all the stages and beyond.”

- Pauline Ryan

Matt Lavars

“The Coaching Institute has consistently exceeded my expectations, every point of contact from the WOW team to mentoring, face-to-face training – every interaction exceeds and moves into a new level of experience. I have undertaken training courses all across the world and this level of delivery is on a whole other level.”

- Ashlee Thackerty

“I would definitely recommend [coming along to this training]! Come to the events to experience the mind-blowing, life-changing awesomeness.”

- Ashley Ducquet

“One step at a time – believe in yourself! Get pro-bono coaching for any barriers, and [you can] call the WOW Team for any assistance with coursework. You [won’t] have to do it alone!”

- Kerri Daly

“I loved the accumulation and aggregation of such a large body of language into an easy-to-understand system and structures. The applicability of what we learned is contextually driven.”

- Yen Jen Tan

“Meta Dynamics™ Level I will transform your coaching skills and the way you relate to others. Making what seems quite complex incredibly simple and fun, I felt completely empowered to apply this in my coaching straight away.”

- Felicity Alexander