A great model to use with your online coaching business clients

Remi Pearson shares a favorite model for your online coaching business

Day one of The Coaching Institute's first three day summit about how to build a thriving online coaching business saw Remi Pearson share the model which is her "favourite right now".

TCI's founder wrote the model 10 years ago and it's a keeper if you want to build rapport with online clients.

Amid the coronavirus shutdown, "Coaching is booming in the world and there's a reason for that," Remi said on April 14, revealing she's had an online coaching business since she signed her first paying clients in the United States 17 years ago.

Those pre-Zoom sessions were over the humble phone: "I haven't done a face-to-face coaching session in years so coaching to me has always been really well positioned when working from home is a requirement."

Remi's go to now to get clients talking, trusting and growing is her Core, Crust, Crud model. Its mission? To get to the core which is our true self.

"This is a really powerful coaching tool and one I encourage you to use with our clients."

Remi wrote the model after years of waking up with "the worst negative self talk," she says. "Self loathing, self pity. And I tried hard to play a small game because I never wanted to risk myself."

Wanting a career and life that connected with her heart, Remi convinced herself "the only way forward was to stop. Can anyone tell me if there's anything more illogical ... I really want to move forward in my life so I'm going to stop?"

Enter Core, Crud, Crust—think of two smaller circles inside a big one—which will help build your online coaching business, and is also "a journey to ourselves."


Our core is who we are on the inside "once we scrape away the BS about how we tell ourselves we're not enough," says Remi. "It's the heart of us, the truth of us, the part that is courageous and adventurous and loves the idea of growth."

In a nutshell, decisions, goals and life’s purpose are determined from a place of love, truth, courage, a sense of adventure, playfulness, and childlike wonder.


This is less poetic.

As we grow up, we start convincing ourselves "the fears are real, the limits matter, the boundaries we create in our lives about who we can be become fixed," says Remi.

"We create these stories for ourselves: I'm a procrastinator, I'm a self saboteur. Our world begins to shrink because we start believing this stuff and we think it defines us."

So, decisions, goals and life’s purpose are determined from a place of fear, lack of trust, self-doubt, self-loathing and constant negative self-talk.

Is this resonating with you?

The last part of the model you can use with clients while building your online coaching business is the crust.


This is where your decisions, goals and life's purpose comes from a place of, ‘What would make me look good?’ and ‘How do I hide my crud?’

At this point, you might not know what your core is anymore.

Finding it is lifetime commitment, says Remi.

"The truth is we are whole. There is nothing missing. Ignore conditioning that you are broken. How does that sit with you? Learn how to reconnect with the truth—you are whole."

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