50% of TCI Coaches Already Have Paying Clients

We carried out a survey on our coaches and found that over half the room had paying clients

Only 11 months in, James already has several paying clients and he’s helping them break free of their compulsive behaviour habits.

Emma found her first business coaching client (just 3 months in to Pro Coach), who went on to become a retainer client at $1500 a month.

Here’s the thing…

As a new coach, you can have a phenomenal training experience with a coaching school and leave the room pumped to hustle and dive in the coaching game.

But where you stand 6 months, a year, or even five years from the day of your intake is what makes the real difference.

Wouldn’t you agree?

The most in-demand coaches don’t do a “weekend course” – they commit to being excellent at what they do.

Think of a plumber. Who do you refer business to? The one who shows up late and does sloppy work? Or the passionate advocate of your plumbing needs, who goes the extra mile?

You know the answer.

Coaching Success

How to measure your coaching success

Measure Coaching Success

The following questions are a good place to start:

  • Are you coaching people (and accumulating coaching hours)?
  • Do you have paying clients?
  • Do clients hire you on retainer basis?
  • Are you consistently generating new leads?
  • Are you hosting workshops, doing public speaking gigs?

The Coaching Institute Standards

Watch us put our standards to test

hand writing notes

Here at The Coaching Institute, we pride ourselves on the success of our coaches.

Yes, it’s good to be acknowledged and accredited by coaching-industry bodies, but our focus has always been on how our students are doing in the real world.

And because we love to walk the talk, we recently decided to put our own standards to test.

We asked the hard questions:

  • How many coaching hours do TCI coaches accumulate when they pass their intake?
  • How many real, paying clients do TCI coaches really have?
  • How is their business going?

The Moment of Truth

We did a survey on our coaches . . .

The Moment of Truth TCI

In a recent life coaching training facilitated by Master Coach Joe Pane at The Coaching Institute, we carried out a survey on our coaches and found that over half the room had paying clients, while the industry average is about 10% of coaches.

That means 50% of The Coaching Institute coaches already have paying clients, no matter where they are in their coaching journey.

Why is this so important?

Most coaching schools deliver a good learning experience. That’s their job. It’s a given. It’s expected from them.

But most fail to recognise this as a great opportunity to go above and beyond to WOW the students – and that’s always been our style here at The Coaching Institute.

Where other schools stop at delivering a standard coach training and handing out coaching models (such as GROW), at The Coaching Institute we support you not only with your coaching but also with your business.

Our core courses and products include marketing, lead generation, finding new clients, selling from stage, $100k year to name a few.

In short, we teach you how to coach and how to get clients that you can coach.

Thousands of people come to this blog researching coaching schools in Australasia (and beyond).

If you’re looking for more information about Life Coaching and whether it is a suitable pathway for you, talk to us at 1800 094 927 or timetoact@thecoachinginstitute.com.au

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