30 Powerful Quotes to Calm Your Mind

Feeling anxious or uncertain? Here's some wise words to get you feeling centred and ready to rock your day.

Powerful quotes to calm your mind are a valuable tool in staying centred and rocking your day.

You know this scenario. The voice on the left shoulder says you’re going to be okay and urges you to take that chance.

The voice on the right side though is not so sure, calls you a "liar" and challenges your thinking.

But what if I told you that the naysayer is simply the white noise in your head – composed of busy, aimless and empty thoughts?

The white noise reinforces irrational thought processes which are based on ideas, situations and perceptions that aren’t necessarily true. This leads to obsessive thinking, the shoulda-woulda-coulda’s and the what-ifs.

I get it—I’ve been in the spot before.

Lying in bed, trying to get some sleep while a constant, never-ending stream of thought flows through my mind.

As humans, we have a tendency to focus on what’s not working well, questioning ourselves, limiting our beliefs…

In times of the white noise, here’s an empowering question to ask ourselves before we get to the quotes to calm your mind.

Could there be a silver lining to all this?

Envisioning yourself on the other end of stress can be enormously freeing and refreshing.

I’ve learned through my own white noise episodes that simply re-framing the situation helps diffuse the impact negative thoughts.

Applying the same strategy of re-frames, here are 30 powerful quotes to calm your mind gathered from our blog archive that can be used as reminders when you want to stop the incessant thoughts. 

  1. Life is a cup of tea ... It's all in how you make it.
  2. When I was 13, I was in a dilemma about a decision I had to make. I told my grandma about my seemingly life-altering situation to which she calmly replied, “Trust me dear, when you’re my age, this is the last thing that will matter. In fact, you’ll probably kick yourself for not taking more chances and acting with courage.” [Read more.]
  3. We’re far better off than to be natural than normal. Conformity is the safest option, but authenticity is what courageous people choose. Express yourself. Feel good.
  4. You don’t have to figure it all out at once. When you’re driving in the night, your headlights only show you up to 200 metres of the road ahead. Still, you manage to reach your destination. Taking risks work the same way. [Read more.]
  5. True life purpose is freeing rather than imposing or obligating. It connects you to you and to others, effortlessly.
  6. When we’re so focused on the outcome, we give up on the opportunity to relish and enjoy the process of how you arrived at the result.
  7. Having a huge social circle will help you stay happy in the moment, but deeper one-on-one connections bring more meaning.
  8. As you look back at your decisions and choices, you’ll start to notice those daring choices were great lessons and bring a real sense of meaning to your life. [Read more.]
  9. You can be either right or happy.
  10. We’re used to hearing statements like: “Oh, she is a go-getter” or “He is a quiet person”. But guess what? These are labels we put on ourselves—they don’t have to be true. Neither do we have to comply with them.
  11. Greet yourself in the morning like you do your best friend.
  12. Even slow progress is progress.
  13. True forgiveness is accepting what happened and finding a way to live with it. It is a state of resolution. You forgive for you—not for anyone else.
  14. Enjoy some silence. A cup of tea sitting outside listening to the birds. Go for a walk without the earphones in. I'm the first to say I always have trainings on, on the train, in the car, at home. Make some time for old fashioned silence. [Read more.]
  15. Failure is not the opposite of success. It is part of success.
  16. Surround yourself with the dreamers, the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don't see it in yourself.
  17. A thank you can save a life. In fact, it can create a ripple effect and spread in the town like fire. When you say thank you to small things that people do, you’re opening a way to a bigger partnership to create something more awesome.
  18. It sounds ironic, but being vulnerable expands your world.
  19. As ironic as it sounds, letting go of control can feel like freedom.
  20. When I lost all of my excuses, I found all of my results.
  21. For most of us, high school is hard. Being called 'weird' is like a death sentence. You’d do anything to stick to your clique, do your best to look like everyone else and follow the “norm” when it came to fashion and style. But guess what? We’re not teenagers and life is not a high school. It seems most of us are still stuck in their old ways and still afraid to challenge the norm. Weirdness is a potential strength hidden to be harnessed. [Read more.]
  22. We’re constantly surrounded by beauty. You just got to let it sink in. There’s beauty in how you don’t have to make a conscious effort to breathe. There’s beauty in great smelling coffee you had this morning. In music and in the smile of your friend. Acknowledge the beauty in little things that we take for granted.
  23. Playfulness is more important than play. It’s contagious, cheerful, frolic, joyous, merry and vivacious. Being playful is not about wasting time on an addictive Android game but having an internal positive and spirited state of mind.
  24. The act of smiling tells your brain to be happy.
  25. Go for a walk or even just find somewhere lovely to sit and observe the world for a while. Things move too fast. Just stop, embrace the busy, feel the wind in your hair and hear the rustle of the trees. [Read more.]
  26. Vulnerability is the greatest strength. And it comes with the greatest rewards. Try it. Share it with a friend. Someone you’ve never said it to before or someone you haven’t said it to often enough. It’s ok to practise in front of the mirror. [Read more.]
  27. There’s always more than one way of looking at a situation. Whatever the situation, find your silver lining and then hold on to it as you find the solution. One way to do this is to ask: How can this make me stronger and positively affect me?
  28. You’d rather be making mistakes than playing safe and doing things you hate doing.
  29. Celebrate the little things in life and you'll find reasons to celebrate life every day.
  30. Growth is never instant—it’s steady, slow and sometimes, painful. It can’t be rushed. It can’t be tricked.

It’s Your Turn…

What’s one key own personal reminder that keeps you going when the times get rough? How do you calm your mind, embrace change and live a more fulfilling life? Let us know in the comments below!