Remi (Sharon) Pearson and The Coaching Institute back in 2004

Check out the incredible journey Remi Pearson and The Coaching Institute have been on. Buckle up!

Just six months after Remi Pearson founded The Coaching Institute in April 2004, she made headlines in Melbourne newspaper the Herald Sun with a story about teaching the lesson of having a glass half full.

"I keep turning up when others give up,"

she said.

"Be persistent. Find a better way."

16 Years on from sharing those coaching tips with the world, Remi is still making headlines—and still giving living and teaching many of the same strategies she developed in her earliest years as a life coach.

In June 2020 alone, her story about how to keep relationships strong amid the pressures of the global COVID-19 lockdown topped the home page of national website The Carousel,  and Remi talked marketing—and "wild" weekends!—on Ticker TV's breakfast show Jumpstart.

In the couple of months before that, she made her Ticker debut and featured twice in national website Women Love Tech.

The first story covered the business angles of her #Perspectives podcast with fellow entrepreneur Tory Archbold, the second was a piece about the power of generosity marketing.

Remi (Sharon) Pearson in an Herald Sun article

In 2004 Remi Pearson was a fledgling businesswoman discovering her passion. Now she's an award winning entrepreneur with a worldwide audience of over 1.1 million people in 81 countries, but she is still hands on daily with TCI.

Working between her period home in Melbourne and her beloved beach house a couple of hours' drive down the coast, Remi regularly speaks on global telecasts, runs classes—a live coaching session about motherhood guilt during a June Zoom class was so valuable it became a #Perspectives podcast—and writes books.

Remi has become a touchstone for students—85 per cent of them women—determined to heal life’s hurts and embrace true fulfilment.

Inspirational to both people with self doubt and those of influence seeking to be the best they can be, she built TCI on her guiding values of wisdom, love, irreverence, determination and growth.

“I make mistakes, I play full-out, I have ‘non-fans’ and supporters, and I don’t have all the answers. I have challenging days where I’m not at my best, and I have wonderful experiences that I never dreamed would be my reality,”

says Remi.

“I am flawed, opinionated, passionate and compassionate. I don’t like BS. I do enjoy helping people.”

How did Remi Pearson become a business and coaching one woman juggernaut?

18 Months after she started her life coaching journey, Remi landed a national contract with Flight Centre and in 2004 redefined the coaching training space when she wrote the first nationally accredited 21647VIC Diploma of Life Coaching.

In 2006 Remi and her team won the Telstra Victorian Micro Business Award, and a year later the business achieved its first $10 million year. Remi redefined coaching again in 2013 when she released the first research-based coaching methodology – Meta Dynamics™.

When Remi designed, wrote, and launched the Ultimate You Quest program through TCI her influence exploded globally.

In 2019, during her inaugural world tour, she launched Ultimate You at New York’s Barnes and Noble bookstore. Remi’s seventh book on coaching, personal development, business success and leadership, it became an international best seller and No. 1 on Amazon.

Remi’s advice if you want to be a success in business?

“Be generous, put humanity before profit and know if anyone is given a to do list and they don’t action it, nothing is going to happen.”

And yes, she still sticks by what she told the Herald Sun back in 2004:

"Just keep showing up. Be consistent. Say what you mean and mean what say."


She is the Founder of The Coaching Institute and through our world-class coaching training programs, best-selling books, the #Perspectives podcast, and the Ultimate You Quest movement, she helps people like you live your dream, become your most authentic self, and make a difference through meaningful action.

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