Sharon’s Top 5 Leadership Books for September

Reading and applying the learnings to your business is key

Sharon had a great conversation with the Meta Dynamics Level I students this week as they explored what it takes to become the "expert" in anything.  One thing was clear - reading and applying the learnings to your business - is key.

We thought it would be super valuable to share Sharon's Top 5 recommendations for books on Leadership, here they are:

  1. Five Levels of Leadership - John Maxwell
  2. Leaders Eat Last - Simon Senik
  3. Good to Great - Jim Collins
  4. Speed of Trust - Stephen Covey
  5. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey

How to coach & create meaningful change

We would love to know what you're reading and what your key learnings are.

What books on Leadership would you recommend?

Leave us a comment below 🙂