Sharon’s Top 5 Leadership Books for September

Reading and applying the learnings to your business is key

Sharon had a great conversation with the Meta Dynamics Level I students this week as they explored what it takes to become the "expert" in anything.  One thing was clear - reading and applying the learnings to your business - is key.

We thought it would be super valuable to share Sharon's Top 5 recommendations for books on Leadership, here they are:

  1. Five Levels of Leadership - John Maxwell
  2. Leaders Eat Last - Simon Senik
  3. Good to Great - Jim Collins
  4. Speed of Trust - Stephen Covey
  5. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey

which course is right for me

We would love to know what you're reading and what your key learnings are.

What books on Leadership would you recommend?

Leave us a comment below 🙂