I’m often drawn into conversations with coaches who want to know ‘what I did’

... to become successful in this industry. The question is enthusiastically and well-intended. The question is also flawed. In general, success comes in four parts.

To ask what I did is to make assumptions about who I am, what I’m capable of and what I’m willing to do.

Perhaps what I did is based on who I am, and my background and experience (and lack of it!), and thus is a terrible thing to do for anyone else.

Perhaps what I did is now considered so old fashioned that no one would do it.

Perhaps knowing my actions is only one quarter of the picture. And that to model what I did would require knowing the full picture, not just the one quarter the questioner seeks.

When I model someone, I am looking at what they’re doing. But I’m looking beyond that, to see the full, four dimensional perspective of them. I don’t act on what I learn, until I see all four parts. Success comes in four parts.

My modelling of someone involves studying:

 What their thinking is, including:

  • Their beliefs
  • Their values
  • Their disciplines and habits
  • Their standards and expectations
  • Their goals and purpose
  • Their attitude towards life and attitude towards what they do

How they structure their actions, including:

  • What areas they focus on when deciding what to do
  • What they consider and include in their decision making
  • What they take into account in terms Benchmarks to know they’re on track or need to improve

What they do, including:

  • The actions they take
  • In what order or sequence they focus their actions
  • How long they maintain their actions
  • How they measure their actions
  • How they adjust them
  • What they consider when they adjust them

Who they involve in the strategy, including:

  • The people on their team
  • The people who supply them what they need
  • The turnaround times they expect of everyone
  • The prospects/the clients