TCI Foundation: Happy New Year from Jakub, the Bear!

Meet Jakub

He's the lovely bear from Animals Asia that was given a whole new life with the help of TCI Foundation after years of horror in the shocking bear bile industry.

Jakub is among 122 bears at the Animals Asia's Nanning facility and among the 378 bears in total under the organisation's care in China and Vietnam.

The TCI Foundation is proud to be associated with the organisation and help make a difference to the lives of these animals.

Here's a note we recently received from Jill Robinson MBE, Founder & CEO, Animals Asia (thanks Jill!):

"Dear Sharon,

From all of us at Animals Asia - and especially from your lovely bear Jakub - a very happy Christmas and New Year! 

I hope you know if already but you have my word that Jakub is in very best hands and we'll be making his Christmas an extra special time. He and his friends will be spoiled rotten with extra treats, including fruity mince pies and delicious seasonal fruit.

Endless thanks for giving Jakub a whole new life after years of horror... and soon... a loving home for life. Because of you, your beautiful bear is safe from the horrors of the past and we can continue to fight for others, and against the shocking bear bile industry." 

Thank you Animals Asia for allowing us to make a difference!

Thank you for bringing us constant news and updates (and new photos) of Jakub and friends.

Thank you for continuing to spread the message throughout Vietnam that bear bile farming is an unneccessary evil.

And thank you for showing people that herbal alternatives to bile are a far better option.