TCI Giving Tree 2018

It's that time of the year again! Christmas is all about LOVE and GIVING...
Let's give generously to the ones who are less fortunate so they can also have a Christmas that they deserve!!

TCI Giving Tree 2018

Christmas for many of us, is a time for love, joy, happiness and connection.

We understand that this isn't the case for everyone, and that Christmas can be one of the most difficult times of year for some of Melbourne's more vulnerable or less fortunate.

Every year, there is an increase of homelessness, poverty and hardship for many Australians. There are also a large number of children continuously subject to poverty whom we recognise and want to help.

Christmas for us is an opportunity to really 'give back' to the world and touch the hearts of those who need it most.

3 photo collage of Christmas decorations

We have just finished setting up our 'Giving Tree' for Christmas here at The Coaching Institute Headquarters in Melbourne!

And we would love to invite all students and members of the community to donate a gift that will make someone's Christmas that little bit extra special.

Each year, we take the opportunity during Christmas to give back to those in real need, those who are most vulnerable and less fortunate.

This year we would love to make Christmas extra special and extend our Christmas cheer to two charities,  The Smith Family  and Restoring Hope. 

Here's how you can join us and be a part of our Christmas mission this year:

How to make a donation:

You could either deliver a gift by chimney drop (aka up the stairs to the TCI Giving Tree)...

Or via Santa’s sleigh (aka Australia Post to THE COACHING INSTITUTE SUITE 40 37/39 ALBERT RD, MELBOURNE 3004).

Make sure to drop or send your gifts before Tuesday, 11th of December at 5pm so that all the gifts will make it to The Smith Family in time for Christmas!

We spoke to The Smith Family and Restoring Hope and asked what would be the most helpful gifts this year, and this is what was requested:

For The Smith Family, donations of toys and books for children aged 6-12years are the best options. Note that they unfortunately, aren't able to accept secondhand, handmade or damaged items. Click here to find out more about the appeal.

For Restoring Hope, Art supplies are requested so they can turn them into care packages to children who have experienced sexual assault. Click here to see the list of supplies they need.

happy tci team with christmas decoration

~Don't Forget ~

Your gift should be ready to read or play with as soon as it's opened on Christmas morning. When you're deciding what to buy, remember to include batteries if needed and colouring pencils for colouring-in books.

No gift wrapping, please. 

While it may seem helpful to wrap your gift, this often creates problems in the sorting and packaging process. We request that any donations of gifts are either not wrapped,  so that gifts are distributed fairly.

Note: There are some items that are difficult to sort and pack. Others may not be appropriate for a wide range of children. You can help reach more children by avoiding the sorts of items listed below.

What you can't donate info-graphic: no clothes, food, calenders,beauty product, computer games or controllers, toys that look like weapons, breakable items, products that require flammable liquid or gas, secondhand items, items of religious nature, branded items


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