The Coaching Institute named in Australia’s coolest companies for diversity

It's not just us who thinks TCI is great. It was named in JobAdvisor's Top 10 Coolest Companies for Diversity

The Coaching Institute is over the moon to be named one of Australia's coolest companies for diversity because of the unique and extraordinary values-based culture we nurture here At TCI.

We have costume days, lots of dancing and singing (badly at times ... don't judge us!), ring bells when someone does something awesome and celebrate all our students' wins.

We're unimpressed by typical corporate behaviour.

We approach what we do with a sense fun and playfulness.

Our vision is Live Your Dream. It's daring and bold, like we are. It asks a lot of someone to do this. It requires courage and a willingness to learn and step outside of your comfort zone. It's one thing to dare to dream, it's another altogether to LIVE that dream.

Too much? Not really! Here's a glimpse into out typical working day:

Monday Wows: Wows show how we care, how we add fun and 'extraordinary' to what we do. It’s when someone lives the values and brings passion to what they do; champions others; cleans the kitchen without being asked & does what they say they’re going to do. Every Monday at 8:30am we get together, share the highlights of the week before, where we’re heading as well as who wowed us and how. For example: “Jack, you wowed me because…”

Wednesday Cultural Cheese: We get together and share our wows for the week to date over cheese and crackers.

Wow Trophy: We have a Wow trophy that we keep moving around the office. A team member receives a trophy when they wow others and they are told how they wowed. They keep the trophy for a few days and then hand it over to the next person that wows them.

Secret Wows: We secretly place little gifts, thoughtful notes, cupcakes, cards and books on the desk of someone who wowed us.

Wizard of Wow: Every month, we vote for someone as a Wizard of Wow. The Wizard receives a certificate and a gift.

Feedback: Feedback is the breakfast of champions and we don’t tolerate think-skinned people—our team members lean in, ask for feedback and are curious how they can grow and develop on their journey.

Celebrating success: Celebrations foster rich culture —and we do it in many ways. We celebrate when we make a new friend (a new student joins one of our programs) with bells, horns, crowns and gongs. Celebrations are an opportunity for our team to fulfil the human needs of belonging, significance and contribution.

We believe it's important to combine profits with passion, purpose and playfulness. In fact, we think we are profitable because we focus on bringing our passion to what we do, because we are clear on our purpose and because we have fun doing it.

Thank you, Sharon Pearson, for creating a space where we're encouraged to create a place where you're allowed to challenge the status quo, reinvent your potential, say 'yes' and work out how, and reject the beigeness.

Thank you JobAdvisor for the opportunity to showcase what we're about and for revealing The Coaching Institute to the world as one of Australia's coolest companies for diversity.

And thank you to each and every one in Team TCI for making this happen! Massive congratulations to every one of you!