Tony Robbins on ‘Why We Do What We Do’

The “invisible forces” that make us do what we do

The two lessons in life are:

  1. The science of achievement
  2. The art of fulfilment

Six Core Needs

There are six core needs determine why we do what we do which is what drives you to your core needs. They are: Certainty, Uncertainty, Significance, Connection/Love, Growth, and Connection Beyond Ourselves. The 6 needs are very interesting in how we make decisions which are influenced by our needs. Our six core needs are:

Certainty - We want to feel safe, in control, certain of ourselves or of our environment.

Varity - The flip side of this is our need for variety or adventure. So whilst we need some level of certainty to function, we also need some level of variety to spice things up.

Significance - There are lots of ways to meet this need, some harmful and some helpful. The need for significance can be met through our egos, through service to others and giving and doing something that you’re proud of, through blaming someone, through yelling.

Connection/love - We all need to feel connected in some way. We may get this need met through a relationship, through meditation, exercise, hiking, praying, writing, talking and more. It will either be in a way that is resourceful or resourceful.

Growth - This need determines your level of happiness.  If we grow, we feel good about ourselves, our self worth goes up, our confidence builds, we feel more certainty. If we're not growing, we feel we're shrinking, and we could feel we're 'in a rut'

Contribution - This final need is another pathway to happiness. We get to give to others beyond ourselves.

Decisions Shape Our Destiny

This is a very powerful statement, because decisions are made based on our values and they need to make decisions that are in our comfort zone. Who we hang out with is shaping our destiny right now and it is effected by who we hung out with a year ago, six months ago, and is shaping your today. Who you're going to hang out with from this moment forward is shaping your tomorrow. We have a choice.

If We Get the Right Emotion Then We Can Do Anything

Emotions are an internal choice and have nothing to do with the external environment. We chose our emotions and how we want to feel and by finding your right emotion and knowing when you feel good, anything is possible.

The Ability to Choose a Decision is the Ultimate Power

The ability to decide what you want to do, be and perform is how you achieve anything. Being in the position of decision making is very powerful and is definitely the ultimate power to have.

Rounding up our thoughts, Tony pointed out some very valuable points about starting to make decisions by taking action, make a difference and get out of your comfort zone. Everyday give your all, love your all.