We have your back! How lockdown means business as usual for TCI

Yes, most of the TCI team is now working from home but thanks to technology, innovation and our love for our community, we're still working tirelessly to support you.

So, just before midnight on August 5, the surge in COVID-19 cases saw Stage 4 rules came into play in Melbourne (our founder Remi Pearson wrote about the 6pm moment for businesses and families) but you need to know lockdown means business as usual for TCI.

Behind the scenes, almost everyone is now working from home instead of at our famous, fabulous headquarters and we're all totally healthy and safe (and working out our own work-from-home rituals amid kids, dogs and husbands ready to make toasted sandwiches for lunch!)

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent the team messages of love. We really appreciate all of them, and get a kick out of hearing from you. One person in the team tells another, and word gets around via our Zoom meeting, which we use to communicate during the whole busy working day.

The part that concerns you is that we're set up brilliantly in terms of technology so we can still run all of our broadcasts without any pesky disruption to normal services!

That means we can still focus completely on all of you in the community, to support and champion you through your coaching journey. And we're super grateful for that.

When I say business as usual, it's not just a cliche. You will continue to get the same support, all the webinars and live (virtually run) events, mentoring calls, Wow team calls, emails ... everything!

In making sure lockdown means business as usual for TCI, we're even thinking about offering more amazing ways to connect and learn during this time.

The whole team meets every morning at 8.30 over Zoom to strategise about how we can bring out of the box thinking to improve communications and deliver the highest standard of service.

Anyone who knows TCI knows we get itchy feet—we hate standing still. We love to keep moving and innovating, finding more and better ways to serve you..

Thank you so much for your patience. We know there have been some delays in email and phone call times, and we really appreciate how kind and understanding you've been while waiting for your replies.

I also want to say a massive thank you to everyone in the community for your positivity, love, gratitude. For your attitude. This is the place to be, and I'm so grateful to be a part of the school right now. I'm so grateful that we have this space, that we have each other, and I really believe now is the time to come together even more because we really are #strongertogether.

Now is an opportunity for us to really prove that, support each other and reach out where we need to—and also reach out to the wider community and support everyone else.

I know a lot of you are doing great work with businesses and individuals, providing parenting programs, continuing to rock out in your existing businesses. It really is phenomenal to hear about your continued success. Reach out if you have any questions. And stay safe. Stay well. We are here for you.


One of Australia's leading coaches, trainers and speakers, and head facilitator at The Coaching Institute. In between mentoring thousands of coaches and leaders all around Australasia and helping others build incredible culture, Matt is passionate about fitness and music. His healthy office lunches whipped up in five minutes are the stuff of legend

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