What matters most? #WOWmatters

First you need a little bit of background…

I don’t live in the real world. I live in TCI world. And from here we see things a little differently.

We celebrate the good. Congratulate the passionate. And strive for imperfection.

But that doesn’t mean we walk through life with Rose Coloured Glasses.

All around us we see people slipping into their problems. Struggling with their challenges. And being completely dis-heartened with their lot in life.

The big difference is that here at TCI, within this incredible community we honestly and truly believe that you are 100% in control of your results and the outcomes you achieve.

People that continue to get great results, believe in their results. They are driven to succeed and know whole heartedly that nothing is getting in their way.

Something we teach all the time is the power of focusing on others.

I want to share this little transcript from one of Joe Pane’s recent trainings. It’s a little confronting but personally I don’t think it could be more accurate.

“Do you want to know the quickest way to become depressed? I’ll tell you. Focus on yourself and yourself alone for one whole week, and I guarantee you’ll feel worse….”

That little quote gives me shivers. Too many people spend too much time looking inward. Judging themselves and their achievements against those around them.

But what if we just stopped doing that? What if we turned our attention to helping others and spent less time putting expectations on ourselves...?

This month The Coaching Institute has been running a little campaign.

We want to celebrate the 'Servants Heart' and give back to everyone that surrounds us.

We’re calling it #wowmatters and it’s all about doing the little things that matter.

Here’s a few ways that you can get started now.

  1. Smile at a stranger – It won’t hurt you and it could make their day. Remember you have no idea what they are going through or what might be happening…
  2. Be open to giving and receiving hugs – Physical contact is a beautiful expression of care and support. Think less about it’s worth to you and more about what it means to them.
  3. Celebrate your team, staff and customers – Don’t let the little deeds go unnoticed. (think “The 5 Minute Manager”)
  4. Send birthday cards, greetings and congratulations – Barely any of us receive “happy” mail anymore. Change that trend and stand out with handwritten post.
  5. Embrace your inner quirk and let your laughter free – You be amazed at who joins you for a solid chuckle. It just feels really, really good ☺
  6. Dance – In public, in private, with everyone or no one watching - Find a way to let movement express you.
  7. Give secret gifts often - Leaving little WOW’s on people’s desks or cars is so unexpected. It’s one of the things I love most about TCI and something we are so lucky to have as part of our culture.
  8. Acknowledge what’s important to those around you – Cultural traditions, birthdays and celebrations may not be important to you, but their significance is different for everyone.
  9. Shout someone a coffee!

If you’re a business owner you can take this to the next level. Building it into your company culture and making sure that everyone (including your customers) are a part of it.

group hearts

Here’s a quick list of little suggestions to help your growing community join in the fun of #wowmatters and enjoy everything it stands for.

  1. Send a welcome letter with a treat inside
  2. Send a bonus goodie package
  3. Publicly (with permission of course) do a shout on on your social media group/page
  4. Aim to have WOWed customers not just satisfied ones
  5. Help them with needs they didn’t know they had
  6. Give them, not just what they’re “expecting” of you but that which they never dreamed of
  7. Share your knowledge
  8. Know your customer by name and preferences
  9. And above all make them feel valued and appreciated

So take a moment this week and celebrate what makes WOW so special. Choose a couple of items off the list and give someone the gift of wow!

You can check out this video to see what it’s all about and what we’ve done here at TCI to share the #wowmatters! It’ll give you all the instructions you need to join in the community!