The 8 Secrets of the Ninja Code

A true ninja (shinobi, in Japanese) is not just someone who wears black, drops down from the ceiling and slices everything into pieces

At The Coaching Institute, our events crew are Ninjas

Everyone knows that you need great crew to have a great event, that’s why we train our Ninjas to be the best in the world. We love our Super Ninjas and everything they do!

Skilled in the art of serving others, the TCI Ninjas are a team of volunteers from our student community - led by our Events Ninja Sensei. Armed with selflessness, they work seamlessly in the background contributing to their fellow students’ pathway to success.

In order to deliver outstanding results, our Super Ninjas live by The 8 Secrets of the Ninja Code:

  1. Servant’s Heart: A Ninja priority is to serve the students and the trainer. Support them in any way possible to ensure the optimum potential of learning is achieved.
  2. Curiosity & Connection: Bring all of your curiosity to build positive relationships and connect with fellow students within our wonderful community.
  3. Above the Line Thinking: Take initiative for getting things done efficiently and effectively, thinking outside the box when challenges arise, and having a can-do attitude.
  4. Expanded Awareness: Be one step ahead of the room, Ninjas can take notes on the training but need to be one step ahead of the room and notice what’s happening to the room.
  5. Ninjahood: Commitment to completion. Once you join the Ninja crew, you enter into a sacred Ninjahood with your fellow Ninjas.
  6. Model of Excellence: Bring certainty to your service and interaction with fellow students. Be open-minded to sharing your coaching experiences and answering questions from fellow students.  
  7. Stealth: Be stealthy, be quiet, if you have a dog or cat, practice sneaking up on them or a friend.
  8. Be You: Bring your fun loving self and joy filled spirit.