#WOWmatters – The Coaching Institute reaches New York City

Yesterday we recieved a very special entry.

Something that brought smiles to the entire team here at The Coaching Institute HQ.

TCI hits the Big Apple!

The #WOWmatters campaign has been flying around our community all through February. We've recieved some really incredible subsissions.

Random acts of kindness.
Unexpected gifts.
Hilarious pranks.
Delightful expressions of care.
And real heartfelt thank you's

This video comes from a very special member of our team. Elysium is head of the Dream Factory here at The Coaching Institute and affectionaly known as Miss Glam for her outrageous avant garde fashion and incomprehesible shoe collection.

You can check out the amazing moment when she #WOWmatter'ed Remi Pearson, Creator and Founder of The Coaching Institute from Time Square NYC. You can really hear how much fun their having!

At The Coaching Institute we pride ourselves on always staying at the very frontier of our industry. Every year we invest in our teams to make sure that we stay on the cutting edge of what's possible. That way, everything we learn we can pass onto you and your business' success. We know our students deserve to have access to the best information availible. And that's our mission.

This month Remi surprised Elysium by inviting her to come along to the Digital Marketer Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Diego. It's renowned as the leading and more intense annual digital marketing summit in the world.

So our ambassadors Remi and Elysium headed to the States sharing every minute along the way with this incredible community back home. They've picked up some of the most innovative and creative ways to use marketing and digital content to boost your business' success.

Keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks as we collate and share every piece of gold these guys gathered on their trip. You'll learn new ways of building your community. Brilliant shortcuts for creating content your clients will love. And innovations that give you more time to do the things you love.

A massive thank you from the Team here to Remi for everything she does for this community. Thank you Elysium for your EPIC #WOWmatters submission! I'm not sure how we're going to top that!