37 Must-Read Articles for Anyone Doing Life Coaching Research

Is life coaching worth my money, effort and time?

Be honest. You’ve most likely asked yourself that question.

And it’s natural. Before you invest in your coaching education, you want to make sure this is the right pathway for you.

In the last few years, life coaching has become the second-fastest growing industry. Yet many people still have only a vague idea of what a life coach really does.

Since the industry is not regulated, anyone can hang up a shingle, calling themselves a coach. While this opens enormous opportunities for many people who want to break free of their 9-5 jobs, it also poses a threat to the industry as a whole.

Organisations such as the International Coach Guild are committed to leading the industry standards and recognising professional coaches in the market.

To further your research and for an unbiased view of the coaching industry, whether it is for you and really worth investing your time and money, we recommend you the following articles from around the web.

The articles, published by trusted organisations such as Forbes, HuffPost, DailyMail UK, Chicago Tribune and others, explore into different aspects within coaching and provide you insights into an area or niche you want to keep up with.

The Supporters

What Can Coaches Do for You?
This thorough Harvard Business Review report looks at the ingredients of successful coaching, executive coaching, what experts say, value for money, dangers of dependence on coaches.

Career Shift: Becoming A Life Coach
Who is life coaching suited for? Why are more and more baby boomers choosing to become a life coach? Find out more in this Forbes article.

Life Coach Hub
Is Life Coaching Worth the Time And Money?
The author explores coaching from a client’s perspective and quotes a lot of research done in the industry. Also talks about what clients can gain from a coaching session.

Huffington Post
9 Reasons Coaching Can Change Your Life Forever
Be it introducing new perspectives and ideas to helping them adopt healthy habits or figure out what they really want in life, coaches bring about a positive transformation in people’s lives. This article explains how coaches are making a difference every day.

The Future of Neuro Linguistic Programming
A great write-up on how NLP worked and changed the author’s belief around “magic”. The author shares her thoughts on the future of NLP as well as introduces Meta Dynamics™ which is the leading research-based and proven coaching methodology founded by Remi Pearson.

ABC News

Woman with laptop

Photo Credit: https://www.abc.net.au (Supplied by Naomi Arnold)

How Heartbreaking News Convinced Yeppoon’s Naomi Arnold to Follow Her Life Coaching Dreams
Most coaches and coaches-to-be can relate with Naomi’s story! The Queenslander’s life was shaken when she found out her father had terminal brain cancer… and then she made a “crazy” decision. Read to find out more.

The 3 Most Common Questions a Life Coach Gets
If you’re thinking of becoming a life coach, then this article is a real-eye opener.

Huffington Post
5 Reasons Why Most Life and Business Coaches Fail
Let’s be honest - none of us wants to fail. If you are serious about coaching and want to create a business (rather than being a “hobbyist coach”), then this is a must-read!

Ali Rittenhouse
Becoming a Life Coach Myths {Busted}
Every industry has its fair share of misconceptions and myths. This article does a good job of debunking the 6 most common myths you’ll encounter. Although we don’t agree that these are completely mythical (because there has been proof otherwise), it’s a good starting point to keep things real.

How the International Coach Guild Was Born – A Brief Comparison with Industry-Recognising Bodies

How ICG was Born

This article gives a snapshot of how the coaching recognising body, the International Coach Guild, was born and compares it with other industry-recognising bodies such as the CPA, APA and ICF. If you care about standards and recognition, make sure you don't miss this one.

Chicago Tribune
When Is a Life Coach Worth the Price?
How coaches can help unhappy clients quit their job, find a better career and transition smoothly into a new lifestyle.

Positive Changes
Life Coach Career Income Potential
Let’s face it – if you want to make a career out of coaching, you want to know if it is going to sustain your lifestyle. This article educates you in what it really takes to become a coach and how much you can expect to earn.

The Guardian
Is Career Coaching Worth the Cost?
Hear it straight from a client's perspective - the author narrates her story of how coaching helped her "evaluate the past in an encouragingly different light" and the impact of coaching in her life.

Next Avenue
What Life Coaches Won’t Tell You
A very thorough read! This article gives you the inside-look at a coach's role and how it differs from other related pathways of therapy or mental health, and everything else you want your client to know before you begin working with them.

Success Magazine
Inside the Coaching Industry
This is much more than an article - it's almost a comprehensive guide to the niches in coaching, the industry boom, "e-coaching" and the importance of credentials.

Huffington Post
The Definitive Guide to Becoming a Life Coach
How important is accreditation? How do you really set up a coaching business (the admin, the taxation and the insurance and all that jazz)? What else would you need? Check out this HuffPost guide to get answers, pronto.

The Coaching Institute
21 Coaching & Mindset Tips Successful Coaches Use Every day
A comprehensive guide, this article explores 21 tips that successful coaches practise every day. There Is a lot of great ideas to find here, such as focusing on the next best action step and embracing uncertainty.

CBS News
Top 10 Professional Life Coaching Myths
The author debunks myths of how coaching is viewed as an add-on “perk”, how “professional” and “personal” coaching are different and coaching as a tool to correct under-performance.

Anything Research
2016 Market Research Report on Business Coaching Industry

Although a paid report, this is a great investment if you’re really serious about your research and want to explore business coaching as your niche.

Training Journal
Why Executive Coaching Is Back in Vogue
Read this post to get an insider’s look at why executive coaching is booming and how you can leverage the growing optimism in the market.

Career Change Confident
Before You Become a Life Coach…

Find out straight answers to your most common questions around coaching – can you become a life coach? How do you start? Which Life Coaching school is right for you?

Marie Forleo
“I Have No Experience, But I Want to Be a Coach.” Here’s What to Do.
Marie Forleo tells her own story as she answers a 20-something’s question around coaching. But Marie’s advice applies to anyone, she talks (in her amazing quirky style) about how she got started with zero experience and what it really takes to “make it” in this industry. Check it out.

The Coaching Institute
Inside how TCI is leading the way with research-based coaching

12 Years Dedicated to Elevating Industry Standards

The Coaching Institute has been the trailblazer with life coaching trainings since 2004 and is now revolutionising the industry again, led by founder Remi Pearson. Read on to find out more.

Huffington Post
What Can a Life Coach Do for You?
Tajci Cameron does a fab job in this (very) touching write-up. She talks about how her coach helped her through one of the saddest times of her life, heal and still be OK with the fact that there was nothing “wrong” with her per se. Today, her depression and anxiety are gone, her kids are happy and she is at a peaceful place. A must-read!

Becoming a Life Coach
An interview with a wellness and life coach with 20 years of experience. Some great insights here!

Huffington Post
The Accidental Journey from High-Powered Lawyer to Successful Coach
John Bowen tells the story of a top attorney in Brazil who successfully transitioned when the time was just right. The entrepreneurial bug struck Paula Abreu when she was retrenched with a hefty severance package – the rest is history. An inspiring read!

The Coaching Institute
100 Best Books to Read to Be a Better Coach (& Human)
A comprehensive list of some excellent books every coach must read.

Mind Body Green
What I Tell Anyone Who Wants To Be A Life Coach
After a not-so-enchanting experience with his therapist, John Kim decided to take matters in his own hands and started researching his true calling, which he found in life coaching.

Your Courageous Life
The Truth About Life Coaching
Kate Swoboda is a successful Life Coach who ferociously defends coaching, because she’s got first-hand experience of how coaching has brought a huge difference in her clients’ lives. Every coach must read this one!

So, You Want to Be a Life Coach? The Reality May Shock You
An honest look at how life coaches who are successful do it – they invest time and money in their business and personal growth. These truths are not publicised, and the author does a good job at bringing them out.

My Business
Interview: Remi Pearson on the Importance of Market Research, customer Service and Marketing
Remi talks about relationship marketing and how it empowered her move from cold calling to running Australia’s biggest Coaching Institute.

The Coaching Institute
7 Key Selection Criteria to Choosing the Best Coaching School

Best Coaching School

What’s the difference between a $100 “weekend” course and the best coaching school you can enrol in? In this article, we look at 7 criteria that the school must meet to pass the litmus test!

How the International Coach Guild Was Born – A Brief Comparison with Industry-Recognising Bodies
This article gives a snapshot of how the coaching recognising body, the International Coach Guild, was born and compares it with other industry-recognising bodies such as the CPA, APA and ICF. If you care about standards and recognition, make sure you don't miss this one.

The Nest
Life Coach Vs. Psychologist
This article provides clear distinctions based on money (that professionals from each of these streams make), education, work and opportunities that are available.

The Doubters

Life Coaches: Connoissuers or Cons?
One of the arguments here is that coaching is unregulated. Anyone can call themselves a Life Coach, which could be a reason for concern for anyone investing in coaching (as a coach or a client).

Daily Mail
The Life Coach Con: Can You Really Trust Someone to Solve Your Problems?
do not necessarily solve anyone’s problems. Coaching helps you look through a new lens of perspective and train yourself in how to think, so you cure the thinking that caused the problem in the first place. Still, the author brings up some great points – for example, the week-long courses that certify you no matter how you “perform” do not impart you with real-life coaching skills.

Interview with Your Consciousness
The Biggest Scam of the 21st Century: Life-Coaching, the Entrepreneurial, Personal Development and New Age Phenomenon
The author seems to have had a bad experience with the industries mentioned (and therefore, a lot of this article seems to come from author's personal experience only).Alongside personal development, entrepreneurial and new-age training events and seminars, the author has some real concerns about life coaching as a career.

You Be the Judge

Which side are you on? Do you support coaching or are you a sceptic?

No matter where you stand, I trust this list of coaching articles helped you take a step further in your coaching research and journey. Constant and ongoing research is such an vital part of your coaching education (and practice), and as an already-established coach, you want to keep up with the industry trends.

Are there any questions you still have unanswered? If so, we’d love to help! Ask away any questions you may have in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your own experience with coaching and how things are coming along for you.

Alternatively, give us a buzz at 1800 094 927 for a one-on-one conversation with a course consultant and find out if coaching is the right career pathway for you.