Inside how TCI is leading the way with research-based coaching

The Coaching Institute has been the trailblazer with life coaching trainings since 2004 and is now revolutionising the industry again, led by founder Sharon Pearson.

Since 2004 The Coaching Institute has led the way with how life coaching training is taught, and just months after our pivot online and epic course makeover in March 2020 we're revolutionising the industry again with research-based coaching.

If you’ve ever wondered how your life coaching trainings are put together, you might be interested to find out how those at TCI are being redesigned, and what is going into the mix.

In mid-July, 90 coaches turned up (virtually) to Advanced Skills—a completely reinvented, 3-day live training, exclusively delivered by founder Sharon Pearson.

This was the first training of its kind, with many more to come.

That’s why we want you to know what it is, and why it is so revolutionary for TCI, as it is for the life coaching industry.

Every module of the Advanced Skills (AS) coursework, handcrafted by Sharon herself, finds its basis in established theories and empirical research from psychology. In particular, knowledge from positive, humanistic, social psychology as well as learning theories are adopted, all of which contribute to and influence the field of coaching psychology.

Evidence based coaching

To introduce students to the underlying research and evidence, suitable peer-reviewed articles are sprinkled throughout the modules, alongside written summaries for easy digestion.

On top of the research-informed modules, the coaches follow a learn, do, improve, teach model throughout the training.

Over the first Advanced Skills weekend, they saw Sharon demonstrate live coaching sessions (with LYBL creator and founder Michele Jones, no less!), engaged in high calibre discussions, got valuable feedback … and finally got to get down and dirty, utilising and applying all learnt concepts within a coaching session with a fellow student.

What. A. Treat.

Another new aspect of this training are its pre-requisites.

If one thinks they can saunter on into Advanced Skills with their handy dandy notebook and nothing else, they thought wrong.

Coaches have to tick off 10 weeks of pre-learning lessons, packed with—yup, you guessed it—psychological theories, scales, coaching concepts and research articles. Not to mention, they must have have completed 50 to 100 hours of coaching, at minimum.

But we’re not here to make our students’ lives tough with our new research-based coaching.

We are here to innovate, improve and raise the standards of life coaching training through the roof.

With the rapid growth of the coaching industry in recent years, it is absolutely paramount to develop, establish and implement practices of the highest standards.

This will help produce better coaches, better coaching, and ensure coaching does not fall victim to the dangerous realm of pseudoscience. Ultimately, this will drive forth the professionalisation of coaching further than it has come.

That is why the July Advanced Skills weekend marked a momentous step for TCI, in its evolution towards offering fully research-informed coaching training and resources.

As Australasia’s largest coaching school, this transformation will create ripple effects on the region’s coaching industry as a whole.

It communicates to coaches, clients and the world that life coaching is ready for a face lift.

Author Carmine Savastano once said, “If our ideas are not evolving with verifiable evidence, they are not reliable ideas.”

With the reconstruction and ‘face lifting’ of trainings at TCI, our coaches can expect to leave with their toolkits overflowing, and well, advanced, skills.

Lysha Lee is a psychology graduate and an advocate of physical and mental health and wellbeing. Passionate about research and its translation to practical applicability, she has conducted health research in clinical populations and settings. Now, as a researcher at The Coaching Institute, she is drawing upon positive and coaching psychology to push forth the evidence-based movement within the coaching industry. Lysha is an active member of Victoria's powerlifting community, a compulsive snacker and an avid pup-lover.

Lysha Lee
Lysha LeeThe Coaching Institute