Brian Tracy Interviews Remi Pearson

How to Overcome Disbelief, Dare to Dream and Live a Life by Design

Meet Remi Pearson & Brian Tracy, two extraordinary people and two of the world's best experts developing a “success mindset”. Brian Tracy recently interviewed Remi Pearson to share the secrets of how she’s one of the most successful and excellent coaches and teachers of coaches in the world today

No doubt you’ve seen it.

There seems to be a slew of new coaches who are running successful coaching businesses, not just locally but also nationally and internationally.

(Just take a look at TCI community pages on Facebook or Coach Success Stories here.)

It seems that a handful of these coaches have skyrocketed and are taking the world by storm.

But here’s something that’s rarely spoken about: the time and work they put into their business and passion behind the scenes to create that success.

Someone wise once said, “It takes 10 years to make an overnight success.”

And it’s true.

Remi Pearson (Founder of TCI) is a living testimony.

Recently, Brian Tracy invited Remi to share her story of how she got from being “frozen in fear” to having a waitlist of 50 coaching clients within a few months of her starting out as a coach.

Remi with Brian Tracy

It wasn’t all peaches and roses from the start. Remi began with very humble beginnings. Her story began with recognising people in the world who had a much tougher existence than she did (think Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey).

There was just one question Remi relentlessly kept asking: How do successful people do it?

Because if they could do it, with the lack of resources and some really good reasons and excuses not to get started, we can too.

If they could make an impact despite the easy way out to give up and hide under the pillow, we can too.

In the video, Brian shares some really insightful questions and Remi shares stories from her own life and strategies that have worked not only for her, but also for thousands of TCI students.

Remi Pearson on Making a Difference through Coaching and Living a Life by Design (versus Default)

Remi has often been referred to as a "Superpreneur" - and when you hear her story, it’s easy to understand why. Remi is the creator of the Meta Dynamics™ methodology and in 2006 she founded The Coaching Institute – the #1 institute of coaching in Australasia.

She has written four books, Pathways to Success and HappinessYour Success: 10 Steps to an Extraordinary LifeSimple Strategies for Business Success and Disruptive Leadership and created a number of successful training programs including Ultimate Influence and Disruptive Leadership.

Here are some highlights from Remi's story and how she's making an impact on the planet through coaching:

  • What really got Remi started on the path of success
  • Asking relentlessly: How do they do it? How do people who’ve mastered an area of endeavour do it every single day?
  • Suspend your disbeliefs and willingness to give up (learn more about how to do this)
  • Believe that you matter. What you do can matter. What you’re becoming can be a source of inspiration to others
  • The key “breath-taking” moment for Remi that led her where she is today
  • Her mantra “I don’t know if I’ve got in me but I’m willing to find out”
  • How the Meta dynamics™ methodology came to be
  • Self-esteem is not required for this to work – all you need to do it Follow the System
  • You don’t have to have a history of success, doesn’t matter if you have a list of things against you, doesn’t matter what you believe about yourself
  • Find a model of excellence that works – do what they do
  • If you do exactly what they do, you’ll be able to track the same results
  • Remi’s philosophy when it comes to coaching others: Be human first
  • Everything is flexible and changeable – the plasticity of the mind
  • If this up to you, is this how you want it to be?
  • The 4 archetypes and dimensions of thinking and methodology that TCI uses to train their coaches
  • The Law of Cause and Effect as opposed to the Law of Accident (Hint: the latter doesn’t exist!)
  • Ditch the “Las Vegas” mindset!
  • Wishing, waiting and hoping can placate you, you’re not delaying happiness but cancelling it
  • How 16 year-olds are using Meta Dynamics™ in schools to deliver a speech and won the award for Best Speech
  • How Meta Dynamics™ is creating successful coaches, who have their first, second, third clients already; who are winning Toastmasters and creating ripples
  • Most valuable real-estate is right between our ears

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