How To Become A Successful Coach World Tour

16 years in. Thousands of coaching hours. Thousands of trainings. 1.17M+ lives... We're finally doing it...

We're taking TCI on the FIRST. EVER. WORLD. TOUR. How To Become A Successful Coach

It is here!

Something BIG.
Something no coaching school has ever done before...

It's been a long time coming. We know you've been patient (or not so patient!). We know we've probably chatted, emailed, connected somehow and we hear you...

16 years in. Thousands of coaching hours. Thousands of trainings. 1.17M+ lives... We're finally doing it...

We're taking TCI on the FIRST. EVER. WORLD. TOUR. How To Become A Successful Coach

New York.
Los Angeles.
With me. With you.

Because this message matters.

And this community that we've created together is incredible.

And more people need to be part of this...


how to become a successful coach
  • Imagine guiding people on how to create a life filled with incredible abundance and happiness...
  • ​​Imagine touching the lives of people seeking deeper relationships and fulfilment on all levels
  • ​Imagine being the catalyst of change for people who turn to you as their coach, and your days are filled with meaning, contribution, and connection...


life coach

Before the training: gain instant access to coaching tools and resources you can start applying right now to empower change

  • Explore your pathway to becoming a successful coach and gain valuable insights into the coaching courses, training and certifications currently available to support your success
  • ​Connect with a global community of passionate coaches
  • Hear real-life stories from real-life coaches who started out just like you and have gone on to make a difference and create life on their terms

Day one: discover deep insights into yourself and your coaching potential with unique research-based methodologies

  • Learn the Meta Dynamics™ coaching model and gain a deeper understanding of your own thinking and behaviour
  • How to use the 10 Success Principles in your own life as well a difference in your client's lives
  • Learn from the hundreds of mistakes and decades of experience and expertise of some of the world's most successful coaches and coach trainers to set yourself up for success on this journey

Day two: unlock powerful and proven strategies to build a successful coaching business & create your ideal lifestyle

  • Unlock the 4 critical thinking dimensions that you are bringing to every situation, consciously or unconsciously, and how to utilise them to make decisions more confidently, handle challenges more calmly, and build relationships more deeply
  • Get the unique opportunity to connect personally with one of the world's leading coaches
  • Discover the ONE decision that stands between successful and unsuccessful people


is this for you


  • You're passionate about helping others, you just haven’t quite figured out how yet…
  • You're looking to connect with like-minded and success oriented people.
  • You're fascinated by human behavior and you love to learn more!
  • ​You're ready to break out of my comfort zone and try something different 🙂
  • You want to get out of the daily grind and create a career doing what you love...
  • You're curious to know how the best coaches in the industry are succeeding.
  • You've been procrastinating for too long, it's time you move forward...


About Remi & The Coaching Institute

about sharon & the coaching institute
Hello, my name is Remi 🙂 And I'm delighted that you're here! I’m the Founder of The Coaching Institute and through our world-class coaching training programs and live trainings, I help people like you live your dream, become your most authentic self, and make a difference through meaningful action.
Whether you’re looking to make a big change in your personal life, want to become a coach, or just want to connect with like minded people, How to Become a Successful Coach is your first step towards exploring how you can make a difference through coaching and create your ideal lifestyle, without compromise...

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