How to Start Trusting Yourself More

Here’s a question for you. What is it that YOU think about, feel about and reflect on the most, when it comes to knowing... how to trust yourself, how to love yourself, how to cherish yourself?


Here’s a question for you.

What is it that YOU think about, feel about and reflect on the most, when it comes to knowing…

How to trust yourself
How to love yourself
How to cherish yourself

For me, personally, the question I asked 15 years ago was… Who am I to dare to think I could love myself for who I was? Who am I to think I could feel great about myself?

For 37 years, I lived my life not knowing who I was and who to talk to about this, wishing and waiting for things to change.

I thought it was just me, quietly living through life, hoping no one found out. Hoping nobody saw the REAL me. (How insecure I was – even though I acted with such certainty!)


Finally, it all clicked in place. It was a confronting realisation –

I had been delaying my life in the hope that tomorrow things would get better.

(If you can relate with that, you and I both know it’s such a painful way to be!)

I honestly believed I was an exception. I believed that I’d die NEVER knowing how to feel great about me.

I honestly believed that this is as good as it’s gonna get. That I was gonna go literally to my grave never knowing how to feel self-love or self-trust.

Who am I to dare to think I could have a life that good? Who am I to think I could feel great about myself?

That was MY question to stay stuck in the rut.

I have had other people tell me their question and it usually goes something like this:

I am afraid to feel great because I am scared I am going to outgrow my relationships and upset the people in my life.

I’ve had so many instances when they will come and whisper to me, “I love what you’re doing. But I am really afraid that if I stop limiting myself, if I give up on my old habits, I am going to freak out the people in my life…”

Because it’s safe this way.

Because it’s comfortable this way.

Because no one wants to rock the boat.

We’re conditioned to be that way.

Well here’s the thing. As you embrace your ultimate self, as you start to practise self-trust and self-love, as you start to put yourself first on your to-do list, you will rock the boat.

People in your life will feel different. They will freak out. They will feel uncomfortable.

I then ask them, “Who are you deciding to be?” and most likely they respond with, “I'm Jackie and I’m a single mum of 2 boys...” or “I'm 45 and I'm working at XYZ...”

Of course, our name, our family, our job all form a part of who we are.

But the liberating question is, do they have to define you?

And if not, then what does? Who are YOU deciding to be?

We all should be encouraged to rock the boat.

We should be encouraged to find out who we are.

To be absolutely ourselves.

It’s called ‘seeking our I-amness’ and it’s about knowing you are worthy, lovable, enough.

That was my journey that started 15 years ago.

Perhaps it's finally your time now to live, perhaps it's time to be authentically you, to bring all of you to the world, perhaps it's to learn more, love yourself deeper first, live a greater life.

I would love to throw the mic over to you and love your feedback, if you can post below what question do you have about trusting yourself and loving yourself on this Ultimate You Quest.

What comes to your mind, when you think about being your ultimate you?

(It can be just a love heart, or it could be asking the deeper questions of… am I worthy? Am I lovable? Am I enough?)

Mic over to you 🙂