Meta Dynamics™ II: Taking Coaching to The Next Level

Congratulations to the Meta Dynamics™ Level II Leaders who rocked out the amazing 5 days of magic!

Congratulations to the Meta Dynamics™ Level II Leaders who rocked out the amazing 5 days of the magic we call Meta!

It's such a transformational 5-day training. The interventions and breakthroughs that happen throughout the 5 days have been absolutely mind-blowing!!

A huge thank you to all of you for your commitment to playing full out!

Meta Dynamics™ Level II is such a game changer

Meta Dynamics™ Level II is the pinnacle of coach training in the industry. It's for coaches who want to go as deep as possible with their clients and become leaders in the industry.
(Find out more about Meta Dynamics™ here)

This training is such a game changer and it has brought our coaching skills to a whole new level so we can best serve our clients!

Together, we've unpacked the Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool, the powerful coaching tool that enable us to decode our clients easily and effectively, and giving them insights into themselves they will truly appreciate.

We had Sharon in the training room sharing with us how to turn bad situations into an epic opportunities and we absolutely loved it!! It was the perfect example to dive into modelling...

Here's a snippet of what everyone was loving, for you to relive this amazing experience:

Meta Dynamics™ Level II

#MetaDynamicsTMLevelII #RovingReporterIt’s the last day of Meta Dynamics™ Level II!Find out what our students have learnt and loved from this epic 5-day training ?

Posted by The Coaching Institute on Thursday, 4 October 2018

Here’s more of what our coaches loved about the training

"If you are feeling like you may be staying a little too much in your comfort zone and not fully getting the results you want, Meta ii is an absolute must. Being trained by one of the best facilitators in the world, with access to world class content and supported by other students with the same passion for personal growth and epic business results is a win win. If you are ready to experience what it feels like to dive deep and become a more fucking epic version of you, get in the room."
- Liz 

"I loved the clarity and depth of the Meta profiling. The structure and flow of how to coach with Meta. Which means I have certainty in knowing how to achieve outstanding outcomes with clients."
- Annie Toscher

#MetaDynamicsTMLevelII #Graduation ?Wow what an epic training...The past 5 days have been absolutely incredible...So many breakthroughs, interventions, ah-ha moments...And now our Meta II champions have graduated as Certified Meta Dynamics(TM) Profiler!!! ?‍??‍?

Posted by The Coaching Institute on Thursday, 4 October 2018

"The training has changed my life completely. I know have the best profiling tools, framework, structure and coaching benchmark to achieve outstanding results with my clients."
- Annie T 

"What a journey of emotional intimacy and getting used to noticing and being in ALL our feelings, absolute gold! Thank you also for great exercises and practices that we will bring straight to our clients."
- Annlone Dalhoff 

It's amazing that we got to share these phenomenal 5 days together!

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