Truth #4: How To Take Responsibility for Your Actions

So many people are going through life, only expecting from the world, but not giving much. And when it doesn't work the way they 'planned' it to, they get disappointed.

I’m sure you know someone like this, someone who lives their whole life making it all about them, someone who avoids taking responsibility for their own actions.

And if there isn’t something in it for them? Then they probably aren’t interested.

Everything is about…

How much am I getting in return?

What am I receiving here?

What is the other person doing for me?

Imagine living life like this - if you constantly believe that the world owes you, you're in for a rude awakening (true story).

But you and I know that this is no way to live! Now imagine the complete opposite!

A life where you take responsibility for your actions, for your outcomes, for your results, for your own experiences...

Would that be a more conscious way to live, where you're completely aware of your inner and outer worlds and the experiences you create?

You bet! 🙂

Click play and let me know what you think?

How To Take Responsibility For Your Actions

For me, personally, here are some questions I asked myself 15 years ago, and they still apply till this day:

Where can I help?
Who can I serve?
How can I be generous?

When you start asking and acting out these questions, you'll notice things falling into place.

It's your turn now. It's all upto YOU. 

If you want more love - give love.

If you want more truth - be the truth.

If you want more support - be supportive.

Thoughts? Opinions? Love to hear them! Please share them in the comments below 🙂