Your path is what you create when you move

Here's how to create a life path to follow instead of wishing and hoping one will magically appear

Taking action and having the courage to use it and create a life path to follow can sometimes feel like a tough call. It's the slippery stuff so the snail can glide over and move. And unless the snail moves, the trail doesn't appear.

Most adults have got it all wrong. We sit there, hoping, wishing, waiting that our path will appear in front of them, as if by magic, out of thin air.

It's the same with courage. People wait for courage to turn up in the mail.

Joseph Campbell once said, "If you see a path in front of you, it's not your path. Your path is what you create when you move."

It's such a crucial truth of life.

Your path is created behind you, as you move. In other words, you say yes first and work out how later.
But you and I both know, it never does. Because hoping, wishing and waiting is a sneaky procrastination strategy.

Try this quick exercise

Think of an area in your life where you've got good competency and reasonable confidence. Now answer: Do you have lot of experience in that area or little experience? Chances are that you have been practising it for a while.

Now, do the flip side. Think of an area in your life where you don't have any confidence. It's completely new to you. Now answer: Do you have lot of experience in that area or little experience? Most likely, it's the latter.

Your self-esteem and confidence in the 'new world' will only come from taking action. You can't learn to swim by reading all those books. You need to jump in, get wet, make mistakes... and now you're getting somewhere.

Remember, the ultimate antidote to all fear is ACTION. Action, and ultimately courage, comes by choosing to act.


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