8 Steps to Discovering Your Highest Self

If you take a moment to think about what that person would be like, you would realize how strong, courageous and vibrant you could potentially be. You could really be anything you desire and live beyond your wildest dreams.

Have you ever taken notice of that little voice inside your head that is telling you no, this is too scary, you are not good enough?

Or maybe it’s the people around you... Regardless of the source, these are ultimately acting as barriers, preventing you from being much more than you are now - your highest, most authentic self.

Now if you take a moment to think about what that person would be like, you would realize how strong, courageous and vibrant you could potentially be.

You could really be anything you desire and live beyond your wildest dreams. It’s a shame to think that there is this magnificent person within you, just bursting to come out, yet held behind negative perceptions you have of yourself.

Perceptions, fears, self-doubts, bad habits, old patterns, are all created within your mind, meaning they are non materialistic and can in fact be changed.

But they require attention, understanding and a deeper awareness as to why they exist and how you can carefully construct your thoughts to overcome them.

This requires you to take a closer look into who you are, your values, where you want to be and what exactly might be preventing you from getting there.

By analysing the relevance of your fears in comparison to the bigger picture, you might be able to conclude that they are unnecessarily standing in your way of personal growth.

Steps to follow

We have put together a few steps (and a little something more) to help you assess your thinking and encourage a deeper self-awareness so that you can continue forth on your journey to discovering your highest self.


What is your deepest desire? This involves searching deep within yourself to identify what you consider to be your true purpose, or reason for existence.

What is your life dream? What would you do anything to achieve? This may be a career, family / relationship, or personal goal.


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What is your true passion? Finding your passion is about finding what it is that drives you and makes you thirsty to achieve your end desire.

Embracing your passion really energizes you, and fuels you to achieve your dreams. Have you ever noticed passionate people thrive on what they are doing and often do well at it?


What ideas are persistent in your heart and thoughts? What do you constantly imagine yourself doing?

This helps you to separate your unique values and purpose from the influences of those around you.

Following your own personal hearts desires will encourage you to be true to yourself and guide you towards achieving true happiness (and being a better person in the outcome).


hands holding a plant

What would help you achieve the greatest sense of fulfillment?

Taking these actions or incorporating these things into your life will contribute to a feeling of purpose and empowerment.

You may wish to help those around you or contribute more to the community.

Helping people is an extremely rewarding experience, and will only help you to develop into a stronger and more authentic person.


What would you do for no money or other compensation? What unpaid activities are you currently taking part in that you thoroughly enjoy?

When you do something without expectation, you will be eternally grateful for whatever outcome you achieve, which fill only continue to attract positive circumstances your way.

This will also help you to identify and align your with your passions.


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What current fears do you have that are holding you back? Perhaps fear of failure, change, uncertainty or any other self limiting beliefs.

This enables you to assess barriers to change caused by your thinking and emotions. These barriers can be overcome by addressing your fears, and seeking ways to overcome them.

This is an essential step in moving closer towards identifying and unleashing your best self.


What would you do if you were to let go of these fears? This enables you to see your fears from a different perspective and how they are preventing your from living a better life.

Fears are only limitations and obstacles, if you can overcome them, you can virtually achieve anything!


life coaching friendship

How are your relationships / connections with others effecting you?

This encourages you to assess how those around you are having a positive or negative influence on your life.

Choose to associate with others who have a positive influence on you, and will only nourish you to grow to a better person.

Furthermore, when you are acting as your highest self, you will attract like-minded people and be continuously surrounded by a positive community.

Your true self

Your true, most authentic self is there and has always been with you. That person is not in any way separate from you, or unattainable, yet it requires you to search deep inside and embrace all the qualities it possesses.

Understanding your own mentality, your values, and how to overcome your obstacles is all you need and will give you a life time’s worth of benefits.

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