TCI has been there every single step of the way!

When I started this journey, I was a smoking alcoholic coming out of depression. I was in a place where I was extremely unresourceful. Constant temper tantrums. Unemployed. Bored. Miserable. Filled with self-importance. Everything was all about me

Kleo Merrick
Kleo Merrick

My husband started with The Coaching Institute in May. His first experience with a coach was experiencing a Meta Dynamics tool known as a collapsed anchor. It totally changed his life. He was working full time as a director of a large company. He started coaching despite it all. He called, spoke with Fi, and enrolled. Just like that.

Then there was me in my totally unresourceful state. We took a vacation, and when he told me about coaching, I thought it was all fluff.

I asked him to sell coaching to me.

He did.

I looked at the TCI website. I started ticking all the boxes of the characteristics of a good coach. It was me, me, me. I was emotional because somebody finally understood me.

“I requested the gift pack, and Fiona from the Marvels called. We spoke for about an hour or so. Lots of tears. It was just amazing.

I went into the campus and had an interview with Fiona. It was the best interview ever.

I remember very clearly signing up on a Friday… and then went straight into Foundations of Coaching Success the week after”

Kleo Merrick
Kleo Merrick

I had my first paying client after 2 months. Since then, I haven’t stopped. I joined the Master Practitioner of Coaching program, and have done the How to Run a Successful Workshop, Meta Dynamics Level I, and Advanced Skills trainings. I also joined Trainer’s Academy and am completing my Extended DISC Practitioner training in October. Since then, I’ve also been on the crew for a number of other events to relive the experience and support the new students!

Professionally, I’ve now built a business. (I finally got business cards, which is super exciting!). I’ve starting running sales trainings monthly to help people become comfortable with selling. I work with managers and leaders running service based businesses.

I wrote a book about it, too! I’m finalising cover and it’s going to print in, like, two days!!

My turning points were doing Foundations of Coaching Success training with Joe Pane, and being coached. I recommend that every coach should be coached. My advice here would be to get a coach and pay for them. Pay for them consistently. If you can’t value coaching from somebody else, how do you expect to value your own work? You need to learn to be the person you need to be to serve your clients.

Another big moment was experiencing Sharon Pearson in Meta Dynamics Level I when she and Johnnie Cass were telling the coaches to start playing a bigger game. Since then, my expectations and goals have skyrocketed. I hired a business mentor.

What did I have to change to market myself? Not much. I grew up in restaurants. My biggest strategy shift was learning how to implement strategies in a resourceful and sustainable manner, and then teaching others how to do the same.

What’s next? Writing more books. More weekly trainings. Monthly and fortnightly networking groups in the Eastern suburbs. Travelling and running sales retreats in Palm Cove (I know right – how awesome!).

And The Coaching Institute? TCI has been there every single step of the way.

With everything.

Truly, truly incredible.

Kleo Merrick
Kleo Merrick