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  • CnC
    Author: Teash Ology
     Is leadership innate can it be developed?What is Executive Coaching?Is it an E myth?
    These were just a few of the questions discussed at this months Victoria's Coach and Connect.

    The question I'd ask you is as a coach ...

    Who are you being?

    See most people think coaching in any field is about the client and it is needs to first be about the coach. So when it
  • Author: Sharon Pearson
    Great team environment with beautiful offices next to Albert Park LakeAll leads suppliedBase + great commissions + bonuses $110k OTE We are the award winning leader of coach training and personal development in Australasia. Our culture is uniquely values-focused, we have fun, work hard and each member of our team is free to innovate how to improve our business.We are very proud of our accompl
  • Author: Teash Ology
     Sharon had a great conversation with the Meta Dynamics Level I students this week as they explored what it takes to become the "expert" in anything.  One thing was clear - reading and applying the learnings to your business - is key.We thought it would be super valuable to share Sharon's Top 5 recommendations for books on Leadership, here they are:Five Levels of Leadership - John Maxwel
  • Author: Admin
    Break from the herd with Thought Dynamics by Ros WeadmanIn the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Horse - 2014 - I decided to become a unicorn. Here’s why...The horse is beautifully dichotomous - it is majestic, strong and free-spirited yet affectionate, playful and sensitive, the latter characteristic central to its basic instinct for survival as a herd animal.In business, you can be part of the herd - j


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