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  • Author: Admin
     Some of my happiest early memories are of my best friend's mother suggesting each weekend we make some perfume for Mrs Cross or draw a picture of the garden, how about picking a posy of flowers?  I got an early dose of significance as her eyes would always light up when we came and she'd delight in dabbing on our floury water with squashed flowers in it.  It was
  • Author: Damien Ryan
     It all started with a blank CD.From where it came from or what was on it, I had no idea.Being my curious self, I took it with me as I headed to work.  I got into my car and listened. The voice of Dr Demartini resonated through my body. That was the moment I realised that I wasn’t being the real me. I loved me!Not the me who was on his way to the job he dreaded every day. The me who refl
  • Author: Sharon Pearson
     We’re constantly amazed at innovations and inventions that improve our lives and show us possibilities we had never considered. As coaches, it’s beholden on us to bring that creative spirit into our sessions. How do we do this?What’s the Goal?Extraordinary coaching and extraordinary results are within us. There are strategies for thinking within the lines; strategies for thinking outside the
  • Author: Sharon Pearson
     I find the middle of the year an opportunity to reflect, redefine and reset my goals for the year. It’s the gift I give myself. I assess how I’m travelling. I reflect on where I’ve been. I get very clear on where I’m heading.

    And sometimes I realise I’m heading in the wrong direction and have to self-correct.

    I had (as always) the year’s goals laid out ahead of me. They’re docu


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