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  • Happiness Balloons
    written by Kyle Birkett
    Happiness is one of the greatest gifts you can master.z You can keep it for yourselfz You can inspire it in your friends and familyz You can even give it to a stranger.But I want to share with you some of the little simple “tricks” happy people use to make sure they stay happy.Get stuff doneIt feels great to tick things off your list. Whether it’s something that’s been sitting there
  • Leadership
    written by Kyle Birkett
    “A leader is one who knows the way,
    goes the way, and shows the way.”
    John Maxwell Leadership. We’ve all heard about it. We’ve all experienced it. But what have we really learnt about it.Leaders come from two distinct places.
    Those that were born with a natural talent to lead.
    And those that grow into their potential.In our team, everyone is a leader. We develop people from day o
  • Brain
    written by Teash Ology
    Drumroll… Sydney Coach and Connect presents, “The brain and your business - understanding neuroscience to get your message heard” with Julie Alexander Julie will be covering:why it’s so important in a business setting to understand how the brain processes informationwhat to include to get your message past 'the gatekeeper’ simple ways to use this knowledge right now, to improve your
  • business
    written by Teash Ology
     Kick off 2015 with direction,dedication and delight. ‘The grass is not greener on the other side it’s green where it is watered!GROW from where you are planted’. Is your daily things to do list haunting you?  Are you sick of chasing your tail in business? Do the little task that fill up your day take you away from the purpose of your business? If you answered ye


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