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  • Giving Tree
    written by Teash Ology
    We are so blessed to have a community that have a profound desire to give back to the world so instead of a standard end of year Christmas party we set up the Christmas tree and invite our students to share a gift for a Mother and her Children that for various reasons have left their home and are seeking shlter in emergency services...our Giving Tree has become an outstanding success. Thank you!If
  • Sharon
    written by Admin
    Sharron Jakub Marianne Steven Russell  Ros Phillip Maureen  Margaret Magda Jessica  Jacqui Herminia Deb Ashley Ana Alison
  • vs
    written by Admin
    Student Success - Tracy“So I came into this training today not really knowing what to expect. I haven’t done Meta Dynamics training yet, so to go into Meta Dynamics in Action; with no prior knowledge of Meta was really great. I enjoyed everything so much. I learnt so much about myself. I learnt all about the environment and the environment is so important in everything that we do.I learnt tha
  • love
    written by a student
      We've all heard the expression it's not how hard you fall it's how gracefully you get back up?Well I had a very humbling lesson last week that sometimes it's how graciously you accept a hand to help you up too. I write this article with a bit of hesitation. We’re meant to keep our puddle moments to ourselves. Please bear my indulgence as I hope to remind anyone feeling low it’s not jus


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