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  • successful coaching
    A new study experimented with two types of “coaching” on a group of undergraduates.One group used the “traditional” style of coaching that focused on “find the problem and then fix it”.Another used a more positive approach, where the coach asked the second group of students. Questions like, “If everything worked out ideally in your life, what would you be doing in 10 years”.When the volunteer grou
  • The map is not the territory
    “No matter how much I try, I never feel confident about myself,” Linda said.She was seemingly distressed when she shared this. If you knew Linda in real life, you would be surprised at that statement.She was a successful business woman. On the home-front, she was happily married with three kids. Each month, she enjoyed volunteering for her favourite not-for-profit organisation. She had a healthy a
  • Coach and Connect Sydney
    It’s time to give yourself credit.As a coach in your chosen speciality, you spend the day meeting clients one-on-one, supporting them via phone and Skype calls.You’re a solid coach and your clients love you for it.But there are times when you want to network with your peers; collaborate on new projects and joint ventures such as trainings; pick each other’s’ brains; get the latest in the industry
  • Feel like giving up
    It happens to the best of us.There comes a point in your life when you feel like giving up. You wake up feeling less than enthusiastic about your life and work.I remember feeling like that several times during my journey as a coach. Giving up felt so much easier. 

    Can you relate to this?You start out so passionate, believing in yourself, backing yourself fully but somewh
  • Public Speaking
    Written by Maria Pellicano. Maria is a student at The Coaching Institute and a passionate coach to singers and speakers. She has been helping  her clients for the past 20 years to have the best-sounding voice offering tailored exercises for individual voice type. Maria is also a singing teacher and dedicates her time to helping her clients develop their mindset, and apply the right techniques
  • Behaviour Change
     Seriously, how do they do it?How do successful coaches bring about the most important changes and be a living example for their clients?And they seem to do it effortlessly.You know the type we’re talking about – everything this coach does exhibits success, integrity, and walking the talk. Clients come to them like moth to fire.And of course, you can’t help but think: Why can’t this be me?Her
  • Girl Having Fun
    Have you ever taken notice of that little voice inside your head that is telling you no, this is too scary, you are not good enough? Or maybe it’s the people around you...  Regardless of the source, these are ultimately acting as barriers, preventing you from being much more than you are now - your highest, most authentic self. Now if you take a moment to think about what that person wou


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