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  • Author: Sharon Pearson
     The fundamental strength of a great coach is sound judgment.They see a situation from many perspectives, run it through their mind through many scenarios, see the consequences and how this decision links to many other decisions, and is able to ascertain the soundness of the decision.This critical thinking ability is what separates the coaches who can ask questions, and the coaches who know w
  • Author: Teash
       Have you been to Coach and Connect in your capital city?If the answer is no then this is what you could be missing out on... This month we welcomed Adona El-Murr who shared with us her experience and expert knowledge on Successful Business Partnerships and Joint Ventures It makes sense to work smarter not harder in business right! Well that's exactly what repe
  • Author: Sharon Pearson
     Every aspect of my success in coaching and business I attribute to my ability to model. If there’s one skill you need to develop rapidly is your ability to discover how people do what they do so you can do it too. Here's my 'code' for when coaching…1. It's ALL about assisting the client2. The client is doing the best they can, and they will do better when they see how to be/do that3. Th
  • Author: Admin
     “Business Partnerships: the good, the bad, and the hilarious… what to do when the CEO spends all the dosh.”Two heads are always better than one and three are even better… but how do we navigate business partnerships to be both professionally and personally profitable?This Coach and Connect will:• Give you the behind the scenes look into the perfectly imperfect start-up that’s not afraid to F


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