Twelve Inspirational Quote Cards To Kickstart A New 2015 | The Coaching Institute

Here is your 12th Gift of Christmas! 12 Inspirational Quote Cards to Start 2015

Your 12th gift for Christmas are a series of 12 inspirational quote cards to unlock your inner wisdom, and connect to your heart and mind—for the start of 2015.

yourself to help you naturally zone in and focus on what truly matters in your life, discover your deepest purpose and passion, and create a life you love…

So today expand your thinking and go beyond what you know, to what is unknown, because it is only in the unknown where the magic of transformation happens : )

Sharon Pearson,
The Coaching Institute

P.S. If you missed out on any of your Christmas gifts, give student support a call on 1800 094 927 and let us know—we’ll send them to you. 


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