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Goal Getting to a Global Rhythm!

By Wendy King of Vivid Coaching

Each year there is a Global Music Festival in Threbo, a three day festival at the base of Australia highest point, Mt Kosciuzsko. My first visit was a fantastic trip and I felt rejuvenated, relaxed, creative and tired - the pleasant tiredness you get from fun experiences.

What has this got to do with setting and getting your goals? Let me give you the movie synopsis. Six people who know most of each other socially spend three days in shared accommodation, taking turns at cooking and checking out different music groups. It could be a recipe for disaster - personality clashes, differing tastes (food and music), personal space 'invasion', etc. However, the weekend was full of laughter, camaraderie, and satisfaction.

What made this experience different? It was goal setting. I planned to get something from the experience and I received more than I expected - what a bonus!

1. Be specific.

What exactly do you want?

For me, it was time away in a different location, to get to know acquaintances better and to experience a music festival.

2. Be challenging.

What will stretch you past your comfort zone and help you grow?

I live by myself and sharing accommodation with 5 other people, especially a bathroom, was definitely going to 'exercise' my patience levels. Sleeping in the loft and banging my head on the rafters the first night certainly encouraged me to find a new way of changing a routine quickly!

3. Be achievable.

Is the goal so big that you are setting yourself up for failure?

Three days is not forever - it's shorter than a family holiday gathering. Besides, I can always catch the chair lift to the top of Mt Kosciuzsko and scream my lungs out at a granite boulder.

4. Be certain.

Why do you want the goal? How will you know you have achieved the goal?

I wanted to expand my social group and enjoy group weekend retreats. The goal was achieved when I fondly hugged everyone goodbye - and meant it!

5. Be you.

Is this your goal or are you doing it to please others? Does the goal reflect who you are as a person?

It was important to open up to others, share the 'space', accept them for who they were and not judge their quirky behaviour (or my own).

6. Take action.

What steps do you need to take to achieve your goal?

Be honest - I stated that if I went off on my own it wasn't personal, I just needed the space. Saying this gave me a sense of freedom and permission. Doing this was easier after being honest rather than creating a story (or a white lie) e.g. "I'm going to check the car's tyre pressure" instead of "I'm going for a chair lift ride to experience the view in solitude". Everyone respected my position and vice versa. Honesty reflects honesty.

Be flexible - if something isn't working but you continue to stick rigidly to the plan, no matter what, then you may be heading towards failure. Being able to adapt to changing circumstances, and approaching your goal from a slightly different direction, will see you across the finish line. The group is lingering over dinner, a bottle of wine and exaggerated stories, meanwhile a music performance has just started - plan to see the same performance scheduled for the next day and enjoy the moment.

Keep sight on your goal - remind yourself of your intention, of why this goal is important to you. Visualise and experience your success. Trust yourself - it works!

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