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How important is it to connect with your business?

By Lisa Wiking, The Coaching Institute (Franchisee, Melbourne)

It has recently dawned on me, like a sledgehammer, that it's so important for us to be passionate about what it is we do!!! Now I hear some of you saying 'dur, that's pretty obvious' - But is it?

From my experience, I thought I was pretty clued on about my passion, I knew I loved people and working with people, and I liked the big picture and vision, and wasn't to fussed about the details. Coaching was it; it catered for my passion of working with and developing people. Yet, in recent times, I have come to realize that I had no idea, really about the specific focus of my business and how important that is.

You see, for the past 18 months, I have resisted focusing on one specific area of my business as I felt that I would be narrowing my opportunities for getting business. I believed that it was such a privilege to get 'a' client, and that it shouldn't matter where or what they want to achieve. Effectively, 'trying' to be all things to all people. Now this is fine, if you want to be the 'jack' of all trades and master of none, however, as I have heard a number of times at the trainings we run, you get paid on your skill level. The greater the difference between the 'average' person in your field and your own skills, the greater you will be paid.

Having realized this, and heard it only for the 100th time, it finally dawned on me that NLP is the area I had the greatest skill in. So I was quick to get on the net, and do some research on NLP Master Practitioner, to then build on my skill set and build on that gap in that area of coaching.

But this is only the beginning, as it's not just about realizing what your greatest skill is, its then structuring it into your business to ensure that your passion is mixed in as well. Because you can be the best in the world at something, if you don't have a passion for it, then you wont be as successful, compared to being completely passionate as well as skilled.

This process was then about discovering more about who I am, and what I love. We worked through and discovered my values in my business - exploring what it is that is most important to me in my business, understanding the reason I was getting the results I was getting through what I was motivated toward and also motivated away from. This then gave me a very clear understanding of 'why' I was getting the results "Good, and not so good" in my business.

After working this out, I was then asked, the biggest question, I had ever been asked in my life. "Who am I?" Wow, what a question - sounds easy, but if you really get into it, and ponder on it, and take the time to reflect on the question, it's quite revolutionary. It can change the way you do everything.

The next step was then to start creating a list, of three things. What I am good at, what I love, and what are the needs of people that they are willing to pay for? Then matching one from each list, to create a focus for my business. Through doing this, I have come to understand that it's 'Relationships' that are my passion. Assisting people in their relationships in the work place, in their home environment, and ultimately, with themselves. It is through this that I can utilize my best skills, and truly have an impact on people's lives, whilst being extremely passionate about what I do.

The process then goes on to establish the details of the business, and how it will work. So if you feel like you are paddling up stream and getting nowhere fast, then give this process a go - take the time to get to know who you are, and ensure that your business matches who you are, so you are flowing with your business, not fighting against it. The results in your business will be amazing.

If you want more information about working through this process or the relationships that you have, please feel free to call me on 0408 711 769. May the flow be with you!!!!

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